Fee Schedule

    FCB Debit withdrawal, transfer or inquiry            No Charge 
    FCB Debit machine mini statement $1.00
    FCB customer deposits at foreign ATM $1.00
           (must be on NYCE system)
    Foreign ATM withdrawal or inquiry $1.00
    Foreign ATM transfer $0.50
    Replacement Card $5.00
    Non customer withdrawal, transfer or inquiry      $2.00
Bad Address Fee $2.00
    Accounts with mail returned by US Postal Service as
Bank by Mail Envelopes provided
Cashed/Deposited Item Returned
    Customer Charge back fee $3.00
Check Cashing
    Customer -3 party checks for unds not available Refer to Non-customer Fees
    Non-customer Social Security 1.2% plus $0.90
    Non-customer Federal Check $5.00
    Non-customer under $500.00 $20.00
    Non-customer up to $1000.00  $40.00
    Non-customer up to $5000.00  $60.00
    Non-customer $5000.01 & over  $100.00
Check Orders Depends on style ordered 
    Postage for mailed check orders         Cost of Postage
Coin counting (non-customer) 5%
Collection items $25.00
Deposit verification for mortgage loans           No Charge 
Direct Deposit No Charge 
    Incoming  per sheet $1.25
    Outgoing per sheet $2.00
Garnishment & Tax levies $50.00
Inactive/Dormant account Fee
    Checking (Inactive one year) $7.50
    fee waived if balance over $1,000       
    Savings (Inactive 2 years) $10.00
    Waive if balance over $300
Insufficient funds  
    Overdraft/NSF Fee - Paid or Retuurned Check $23.00
    Daily Maximum Overdraft/NSF Fee $92.00
    Uncollected Funds Fee Paid or Returned 
     (UCF Paid Item Fee, UCF Returned item Fee)
    Continued Overdraft Fee after 10 days, then again
     after 20 days if overdraft is not resolved.
Internet Banking
    Consumer Inquiry Only Free
    Consumer Bill Pay with at least 1 bill pay a month Free
    Consumer Bill Pay with no bill paid during the monthy $7.50
    Business Bill Pay per month, up to 10 bills $7.50
    Business Bill Pay over 10 each $0.65
IRA Transfer Fee     $25.00
Loan Payment book replacement $2.50
Night Deposit: 
    Locked bags $20.00
    Replacement Key for Locked bags 10.00
    Zippered bags (1st Free), per additional bags     $5.00
Notary fee
    Customers No Charge 
    Non Customers $1.00
Official Checks:
    Cashiers Checks-Customer $3.00
    Money Orders - Customer $3.00
Overdraft Protection
    Transfer to Overdrawn Checking from:
           Savings or another Checking $5.00
           Cash Line (AKA Cash Reserve)  Interest Applied
            Home Equity Loan  Interest Applied
Photocopies, per page $0.25
Rejected Items per item $0.25
      (Due to faulty checks or deposit slips 
       purchased from another company)
Research Services, per hour $25.00
       Minimum Charge $15.00
       Research greater tham 7 yrs $50.00
       Research greater than 7 yrs Minimum  $30.00
        When documents are available  ***NOT all documents will   
       be available***
Safe Deposit        Annual Charge based on size of box
    Late Fee $7.50
     Key Replacement
     New keys and new lock installed customer must be present
Security Sales or Purchase $60.00
Signature Guarantee (non-customer) $60.00
     Special cut off (on green stock paper)         $5.00
     Statement, copy of        See photocopies
     Statement Printout pick up at Main Bank         No Charge
     Mailed to customer $2.00
     Faxed to customer $2.00
Statement Balancing, per hour $25.00
     Minimum Charge $15.00
Stop Payment, per check $23.00
     Span of consecutive check numbers $50.00
Subpoenas or summons for documents 
      or witnesses  Same as research services
Telephone transfer $3.00
      Transfer with ET Banking No Charge
ET Banking (Electronic Telephone Banking)           No Charge
U.S. Savings Bonds
     Issue Fee No Charge
     Redemption Fee No Charge
Wire Transfers
     Incoming - Customers No Charge
     Outgoing - Customers $20.00